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Welcome and many thanks for visiting the weblog of Luz Estephanie Machiavello del Castillo. Luz will be returning to Tampa in January 2018. Her appointment at Shriners for 2018 will be January 17. There is a good possibility that Luz' sister, Giuliana, may also accompany her. Luz has grown since we last saw her in March 2017. Hilmer has said that she is excelling in school. Please take note of the article below on the right to see how you can help make her visit more comfortable. You will be able to see updates on Luz and her progress as she proceeds along the path that will again enable her to grow in the confidence and stature of a beautiful little girl. Stay tuned.

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Finished at Shriners

Luz had her last appointment, for this visit, at Shriners last week. Her surgery site has healed and she will start wearing her re-adjusted prosthesis. Too soon she and Hilmer will head home to Peru until this time next year. Luz best friend, Veronica, will spend the next two weeks at Shriners for some extensive therapy. Then both girls will head home. Kathy and Angel from Channel 9 stopped by to take some video that was aired this past week. We thank them for the exposure. However, the next two weeks will be exciting with the Gasparilla Invasion and the State Fair. Mom and Dad will likely be happy to return to the relative quiet of Amazon and the Andes.

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