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Welcome and many thanks for visiting the weblog of Luz Estephanie Machiavello del Castillo. Luz will be returning to Tampa in January 2018. Her appointment at Shriners for 2018 will be January 17. There is a good possibility that Luz' sister, Giuliana, may also accompany her. Luz has grown since we last saw her in March 2017. Hilmer has said that she is excelling in school. Please take note of the article below on the right to see how you can help make her visit more comfortable. You will be able to see updates on Luz and her progress as she proceeds along the path that will again enable her to grow in the confidence and stature of a beautiful little girl. Stay tuned.

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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Gone Again

By the time you read this Luz and Hilmer are
back home in Peru. So we start the wait all over again until their next visit, likely late 2009. There were no tears this year, at least not on the surface.

With both Luz and Veronica gone it gets kind of lonely sometimes. But our loneliness will soon be alleviated. With the help of Eliana and others we may soon be in a position to assist others, like Luz and Veronica to gain the help they need. We will soon publish an additional blog regarding the mission of The Luz Foundation. The website address will be published here and in emails. If you wish to receive the information please use the comment link at the bottom of this post.

Because this may be last post specifically about Luz for this year, we decided to post some photos about her time in Tampa this year. Meeting, and living together has brought out, not only the competitiveness of both girls, but also their compassionate side and their feelings of closeness to each other. We see this everyday and also in some of the photos presented here.

Both girls have dreams of the future. Luz wants to become a doctor for children. Veronica wants to become a teacher. Both have exhibited a strong desire and the ability to learn. Hilmer says that Luz does excellent work in school. Veronica has not attended school for several years but exhibits the intelligence and learning ability of an older child. I am sure it will not take long for her to catch up.

Advance education in Peru, as in many countries, has been much easier for boys to acquire than for girls. However, we have made some contacts recently that may hold the promise of an advance university education for both Luz and Veronica, if they desire.

Trying to eat a chocolate cupcake.

With Dahlia and Ron Fernandez at La Septima Restaurant.

An exciting Sunday at Coquina Key.

So until we meet again next year, same time, same place, Adios.

Friday, February 20, 2009

It's a Small World after all.

Three years ago in 2006, Maria and Herbert Espinoza were visiting Lima, Peru. While watching local TV there was a story about a little girl from Juanjui, a small village in the Amazon region of Peru, who was run over by a motorcycle taxi and severely injured. The child was brought to Los Ninos Hospital in Lima but because of the long journey, 14 hours, her right arm could not be saved and required amputation. That little girl was Luz.

Maria and Herbert remembered that TV story and, although they had never met Luz, thought about her often through the years. Fast forward to December 24, Christmas Eve 2008. Luz arrives at Tampa International Airport to start her current treatment and rehab at Shriners Hospital. The first week in February, Tampa's Bay News 9, tapes a short story about Luz and broadcasts it on their spanish language station. Guess who was watching? Yes, Maria and Herbert again watched a TV story about a little girl from the jungles of Peru. But this time things would be different. The next day Maria and Herbert drove to Shriners expecting to visit Luz. They were told her appointment was the following day. So they went home and came back again the next day. They were waiting in the lobby when we walked in the door. They walked up to us and said, "This must be Luz". Although they had never met, it seemed like a family reunion when we heard the story. Now Maria and Herbert are like an extended family.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Monday is for Veronica

It has been a busy weekend. Saturday saw many hours spent at the annual Gasparilla parade in Tampa. For the second time in a week the girls were the recipients of a kaleidescope of colored beads. After the parade it was back home and a visit from Gerry and John Pearce who drove in from Jacksonville to visit Luz and Veronica. Gerry and John have been exceptional supporters of the girls and their families. A late but great dinner at La Septima Restaurant in Brandon and a visit from Ron Fernandez, owner of La Septima, finished the day.

A fairly quiet Sunday saw church services with Linda at Bell Shoals and then a relaxing day getting ready for Shriners. Veronica and Ynes will be spending the next two weeks there for some intensive therapy. Visit Veronica's blog for more information at:

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Finished at Shriners

Luz had her last appointment, for this visit, at Shriners last week. Her surgery site has healed and she will start wearing her re-adjusted prosthesis. Too soon she and Hilmer will head home to Peru until this time next year. Luz best friend, Veronica, will spend the next two weeks at Shriners for some extensive therapy. Then both girls will head home. Kathy and Angel from Channel 9 stopped by to take some video that was aired this past week. We thank them for the exposure. However, the next two weeks will be exciting with the Gasparilla Invasion and the State Fair. Mom and Dad will likely be happy to return to the relative quiet of Amazon and the Andes.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Surgery Day

Jan 13 was surgery day for Luz. A small revision would enable her to wear her arm with no discomfort. Scheduled for late in the day it is likely she will stay the night at Shriners. Always skeptical when surgery is involved, Luz was a little pensive this morning. Eli and Hilmer were able to convince her of the need and that they would both be there when she awoke.

After short visit from Dr Grogan, her surgeon, and the Anesthesiologist, Luz was under sedation and fast asleep in teddy bear land.

The surgery went well but Luz would spend the night with Eli and Hilmer by her side until she awoke. As it worked out, Luz spent a second night at Shriners so they could send her home with just a small dressing on her arm. Her next visit would be January 27 when the dressing would be removed.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Catch Up

I'll try to bring you up to date in this post. Luz has been busy. Not many visits to Shriners but quite busy around town. We did go to Shriners on Jan 6. At that time they examined the small cyst on Luz' arm and decided the best course of action was surgery. It would be a minor procedure, but any procedure with someone with Luz history is a major one for her. She appeared a little anxious but accepting. This was expected as Luz seems to get a little nervous even when a tech uses a pair of scissors near her arm.

Surgery was scheduled for Jan 13. That leaves a week for relaxing and visiting around town. There is a circus near the house, sponsored by the International Showmens Association. So we gathered everyone and head for the big top.

It wasn't Barnum and Baily but the girls enjoyed it. Part of the show was a juggler from Lima Peru. I think Eli enjoyed the show as much as Luz and Veronica in their ringside seats.

It was a beautiful sunshine day in Tampa and the fresh air took a toll on everyone. We were no sooner back home and it looked like 'nap' time, even for Papa.