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Welcome and many thanks for visiting the weblog of Luz Estephanie Machiavello del Castillo. Luz will be returning to Tampa in January 2018. Her appointment at Shriners for 2018 will be January 17. There is a good possibility that Luz' sister, Giuliana, may also accompany her. Luz has grown since we last saw her in March 2017. Hilmer has said that she is excelling in school. Please take note of the article below on the right to see how you can help make her visit more comfortable. You will be able to see updates on Luz and her progress as she proceeds along the path that will again enable her to grow in the confidence and stature of a beautiful little girl. Stay tuned.

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Here and Gone

Gosh that was a fast visit. Luz is back home in Juanjui, Peru, as I write this. Enith and Luz left Friday and arrived in Lima Saturday AM. Met by Eliana Morla, they then boarded a flight to Tarapoto where Dad, Hilmer, was waiting.
Luz' visit, though short, was very successful. She now has a new prosthesis which is just a little different from her old one. She had some intense therapy sessions with Carmen Aranda at Shriners, and both Luz and Enith stayed at Shriners as in-patients for her last 1 1/2 weeks here.
After a "Going Home" dinner at La Septima Restaurant in Brandon, Luz and Enith had one last night with Nestor and Isabel Salazar, their hosts for this year. Too early, I picked them up Friday for the drive to Tampa Airport.
We are hoping to advance their visit next year so that she does not lose any time from school. The school year in Peru is opposite from the US and the annual break is in December. So we are looking forward to her visit in December or first week in January. Maybe a Christmas gift?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Luz Arrives 2010

A year has passed since she was last in Tampa. Luz has grown but is still the sometimes bashful, sometimes assertive little girl that left us last March. Luz and her Mom, Enith, will be staying with friends in Valrico while keeping appointments at Shriners Hospital. Luz and her friend, Veronica met again after a years absence, although both live in Peru.
In photo at right, at Tampa International Airport, Veronica and her Mom, Ynes(on left) Luz and her Mom, Enith(on right) Nestor Salazar,(in rear) Luz and Enith's host family, and yours truly. Happy days are here again.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Luz' 2010 Visit

A few of the latest photos from Hilmer taken in Juanjui, Peru, Luz' home. The boat is a major form of transportation around Juanjui. Luz has always loved to dance. The sound of music starts her moving. Also one with her nephew.

Luz has grown and is headed back to Brandon/Tampa for her annual appointment at Shriners Hospital. Several of us will be in Juanjui from Jan 16 thru Jan 24. Luz and her Mom, Enith, will accompany us on the return trip. We expect her time in Brandon this year will be rather short, possibly as little as three weeks. Hopefully she will be here over Valentines Day.

I promise to bring a load of photos when I return and will try to post some here. Many thanks for the continued support of Luz.