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Welcome and many thanks for visiting the weblog of Luz Estephanie Machiavello del Castillo. Luz will be returning to Tampa in January 2018. Her appointment at Shriners for 2018 will be January 17. There is a good possibility that Luz' sister, Giuliana, may also accompany her. Luz has grown since we last saw her in March 2017. Hilmer has said that she is excelling in school. Please take note of the article below on the right to see how you can help make her visit more comfortable. You will be able to see updates on Luz and her progress as she proceeds along the path that will again enable her to grow in the confidence and stature of a beautiful little girl. Stay tuned.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Luz Second Visit to Shriners

Luz was a little more relaxed today. Such a strong little girl, especially for a 5 yr old. I guess the traumatic events she has undergone thus far have strengthened her beyond her years. Claudio and Angelica, our CardioStart bicyclists, have come through Tampa on their way to Alaska for a ride back to Colombia. Luz now has an Aunt Angelica, and they get along just fine. Angelica is a trained Physical Education Instructor and has worked in Rehab with children previously. What an extended family Luz is developing. We are all looking forward to the next 13 years and years beyond.

In the first photo, Angelica reads a story to Luz as we wait for the Ortho-Tech.

In photo #2, Luz and Kerryleena get their first look at her new arm. Bryan, one of Luz best friends, shows off the prosthesis. Luz confided to Eliana afterwards that she was expecting a new arm just like her old one. But she is happy that she will not need to go through another surgery.
The last photo is reward time, Watermelon Ice Cream with Gummy Bears at an Ice Cream Parlor in Brandon. Luz' next appointment at Shriners is July 30. Please continue to remember Luz in your prayers. Her attitude is amazing. She is totally enjoying her visit to Tampa. Please also remember you can comment to these messages by using the comments link at the bottom of each entry. Luz would be happy to hear from you.

Saturday, July 7, 2007


Many of you may already be aware of Luz' and her story. For those reading this for the first time I will present a short summary.
CardioStart International was in Lima, Peru, in March 2007, when we were directed to Luz, who was in a ward after being run over by a motorcycle taxi in her home village. The accident severed her right arm. It took 14 1/2 hrs for Luz to get to the Hospital Del Nino in Lima. Despite successful efforts to re-attach, and many days in the OR, infection set in and amputation was required.

Contact with Shriners Hospital in Tampa resulted in an opportunity for Luz to obtain a prosthesis. American Airlines provided air transportation for Luz and her Dad from Lima to Tampa. She arrived June 25 at TIA. Luz and her Dad, Hilmer, are staying at CardioStart House in East Tampa while she undergoes the procedures which will result in her new arm.

We will use this weblog to solicit funds for Luz and to keep you informed of her progress. If you wish to help with the expense of Luz and Hilmer while in Tampa and support for her Mama and siblings back in Juanjui, please consider a small donation. Instructions for contributing are posted at the top right side of this blog. Whether or not you can support financially please remember Luz in your daily prayers.